SkinMark tattoo ink


Italian tattoo ink.
About us
SkinMark is a young tattoo ink brand from Italy. We get inspired by tattoo art. We want to make the process of tattooing more comfortable for artists by producing safe and easy to use tattoo ink.
Artists who already trust us
Many artists enjoy using "SkinMark" tattoo ink:
MOJO tattoo, Italy
"SkinMark tattoo ink gets in the skin easily, healihg is fast"
Streetstyle tattoo Milano , Italy
"Good healing pigments, easy to use, goes smooth, comfortable bottles"
Traveling tattoo artist from Spain
"The texture is so smooth! And look at the new bottles. Amazing for travelling artists."
Streetstyle tattoo Milano, Italy
"Amazing black liner. Stand out great after healing."
OldRoom Tattoo, Russian Federation
"The process of trouble-free tattoo healing is very important for my work. I have been working with very thin linework lately and the quality of the ink means a lot. So I choose SkinMark Tattoo ink"
Tattoo Ivan, Italy
"In my work I use very much black ink. So I choose SkinMark for it's great smooth texture"
Oldroom tatto, Russian Federation
"I use SkinMark liner for lineworks. It does not get dirty, it is well washed, heals well"
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Why SkinMark?

Safety is confirmed by laboratory tests.
We are constantly working to improve the quality of our inks.
We develop innovative packaging suitable for different occasions, including travel .
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Innovation airless tattoo ink bottle.
The volume of 50ml can be carried in hand luggage on the plane
Use innovation for more possibilities.
Rise your wings up with SkinMark tattoo ink.
Contact us:
+39 373 826 8516
Italy, Milan